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Thread: Cumtomize datepickerfield

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    Default Cumtomize datepickerfield

    I have my datepickerfield where month and year can be picked:

        xtype: 'datepickerfield',
        name: 'expiryDate',
        placeHolder: 'Exp. Date',
        dateFormat: 'm/Y',
        picker: {
            yearFrom: new Date().getFullYear(),
            yearTo: (new Date().getFullYear()) + 10,
            slotOrder: ['month', 'year']
        margin: '0 10 0 0'
    Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.15.22 PM.png

    But I would like to display the month number next to the month name like: '1-January', '2-February', '3-March',.....

    How could I do that???

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    Out of the box, there's no way to do this via config. The createSlots method in Ext.picker.Date uses Ext.Date.monthNames to populate the slot values. You could extend/override this and provide your own values if you'd like:


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