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    Default Combo in window - text cursor disappear when "This field is required" message appears

    I have problem with combo in window (when the same combo is located in site's body, it works ok).

    1. I click combo,
    2. "This field is required" message appears,
    3. I start typing letters,
    The result occurs
    the first letter appears in combo but after that text cursor disappears and I cannot type the second and more letters.

    The result expected
    I would like to type more than one letters to filter combo values without clicking second time in combo;

    In slightly different case, it works ok, steps:
    I move mouse over combo, "This field is required" message appears and then I click in combo (message disappears), typing works ok, combo is filtered based on typed letters.


    Ext versions:
    * 4.2.0 - not working, movie:

    * 4.2.1/5.0.0 - text cursor disappears when I start typing letters of item that exists in combo; if I start typing for example 'ddd' (there is no item started with 'ddd' in combo) it works ok (text cursor doesn't disappear), movie:

    * 5.0.1 - if I start typing letters of item that exists in combo - after typing second letter, the first letter disappears, movie:
    * 5.1.0 - it works ok

    * Firefox, v34
    * Chrome, v44

    I'm using ext 4.2.3, is it possible to resolve it for this version?

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    Thanks for reporting this. I have filed this as a bug under EXTJS-19227.
    Tristan Lee
    Sencha Inc - Support Engineer

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