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Thread: Multiple languages based on user's locale

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    Default Multiple languages based on user's locale


    I would like my app to be localized and translated for several languages. So that the device loads the appropriate resources according to the locale settings of the device at run time. I don't care if the user has to restart the app to see the corresponding language of the chosen locale.

    How can I achieve this?
    Do I need to build one package per language?

    I found so many pages on the web that I'm confused now, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Well, anybody?

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    Are you using Sencha Touch or the ExtJS 6 modern toolkit?

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    Thanks for your answer, I use sencha touch...

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    Seriously? Nobody has ever done that? It seems to me that what I'm describing is the standard behavior for mobile apps...

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    Unlike Ext there is not a locale package for sencha touch or modern applications.
    There is the following ux you should check out. Locales are implemented by overriding the text of the component classes you could also implement your own custom solution. Here's an example from Ext
    Ext.define("", {
        override: "Ext.picker.Date",
        todayText: "Hoy",
        minText: "Esta fecha es anterior a la fecha mnima",
        maxText: "Esta fecha es posterior a la fecha mxima",
        disabledDaysText: "",
        disabledDatesText: "",
        nextText: 'Mes Siguiente (Control+Right)',
        prevText: 'Mes Anterior (Control+Left)',
        monthYearText: 'Seleccione un mes (Control+Up/Down para desplazar el ao)',
        todayTip: "{0} (Barra espaciadora)",
        format: "d/m/Y",
        startDay: 1
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    I have a main label file in english (Utils.Labels) and several different other language files ( for spanish for example) that override Utils.Labels. What I am looking for is a way to override Utils.Labels based on user's locale when my app is starting. Is it possible?

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    Yes it is possible. After loading the correct locale file you would have to reload your application so the changes would take effect. Like we do in the app.js onUpdated method with window.location.reload().

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    Thanks for your answer. Where can I do window.location.reload() so that it doesn't create a loop?

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