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Thread: appendChild doesn't work in TreePanel

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    Default appendChild doesn't work in TreePanel

    I am creating a plugin for JSON viewer, wherein I have tab panels one for feeding text i.e JSON and another tab for viewing the JSON in tree format.

    I am using EXTJS - 5.1.0

    Initially when I view the JSON, it displays the tree perfectly. Now when I have to view different JSON, I have to first remove all the childs in tree and have to append the new set of nodes. The removal of child nodes removes all child, but when I try to appendChild the tree in not formed, however when I console the object on Chrome console. I can see all of my object... but the tree is not formed.

    Here is my code snippet

    treebuild: function () {
                    var appendChildArr = this.json2leaf(json);
                    for(i in appendChildArr){
                    tree.getStore().getRoot().set('iconCls', (Ext.isArray(json) ? 'icon-json-array' : 'icon-json-object'));
    Kindly tell where I am going wrong.

    Thanks in advance.

    Manish Sharma

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    I don't see the issue when looking at your code. Are you able to recreate this behavior in a test case?

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