There is a scrolling issue that only happens on Android devices having virtual keyboards such that whenever the user taps on a text field to trigger up the keyboard and drag up the form, the container itself cannot scroll anymore.

I created a fiddle for you to reproduce it:

1. Navigate to with a Chrome browser on an Android device
2. Tap on any text field to trigger up the virtual keyboard
3. Drag the form container up. The keyboard should be hidden then.
4. Try to scroll the form by dragging up/down

Expected result: The form should be scrolled up/down normally

Actual result: The form looks like it is fixed with the current position and cannot move up or down.

This is not an issue with iOS devices.

Tested environment:
* Sencha ExtJS6:
* Device: Android tablets running 4.4.2, and 5.1.0
* Browser: Chrome 48