I'm using 4.2.2 v1144 at the moment.

When I have a locked grid with a column which has for example a thumbnail in one of the columns and the number of records goes over threshold the vertical alignment between the locked and normal grids stops working.

I think it's not necessarily the number of rows but has something to do with the use of the BufferedRenderer plugin and the scrollbar. I added the variableRowHeight var cited in the online docs but that doesn't seem to fix the issue.

I've created a fiddle to illustrate the issue.


if you change line 9 to 37 the vertical row heights get out of whack.
if you comment lines 42-43 removing the BufferedRenderer plugin the issue goes away.

I really need the BufferedRenderer in my case since I'd have more data than the 37 records in my system.

It seems like it's related to some threshold related to the number records, the height of the grid container, and the BufferedRenderer.

I also tried it on the latest v6 code and it does very similiar things except the number of records has to be around 50 and you don't start to see the alignment issues until you scroll down about halfway.

Has anyone else run across this one or is the a better way to acccomplish getting a thumbnail like this in a column?