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Thread: MVVM form set

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    Default MVVM form set

    I am new to Ext js.

    I need to modify an existing code which is not working . Basically using simple mvvm form need to be loaded the db when user clicks on the link. it is not a grid but just two or three fields. I am not sure MVVM is needed here or i can combine mvvm and mvc together. I am looking for a best practice in MVVM to load forms using store or model.

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    To start, what is "not working" with your existing code? Here's a very basic example of how to load a record into the form:

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    thank you. i was looking for how to set form using mvvm instead of form.loadRecord().

    please see my fiddle where how i bind model to the view. I am looking for best practice.

    Also in your example, what is this '->' will do?I have seen it many places.

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