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Thread: sencha app build production app crashes when Ext.plugin.Viewport is removed from req

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    Default sencha app build production app crashes when Ext.plugin.Viewport is removed from req

    I'm running Cmd and "sencha app build" with extjs 6.01

    I first create a new project with the command

    sencha -sdk C:\...\SenchaLibs\ext-6.0.1 generate app ConfApp C:\tempx\myApp

    From the scaffolded app, I remove the requires in Main.js that requires 'Ext.plugin.Viewport'.

    sencha app watch works fine (no errors or warnings)

    sencha app build production creates a build that errors with this:

    http : //localhost:1318/ExtJSRuntime/SVCC/.js?_dc=20160304133921   404-file-not-found
    This seems quite un-intuitive. Is this a book or misunderstanding on my part? (took me at least 25 iterations to narrow it down, this is the last thing I would have guessed)
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    This is common for when the minified code tries to find a class that isn't available. When running across missing files like this, build a testing version so that the code is not minified and the error will be more obvious.

    Also make sure the classes you're using are required
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