I haven't tried since the latest update sent out via Nuget.

What I and my team do currently is leave it disabled in VS. Run Cmd outside of VS. Once it's time to publish our website, we enable the plugin and publish the site. The plugin automatically builds a production version of sencha code and places it in the root of the published zip result. The next step for my team is to automate this without needing the plugin at all. It's a shame because I love that they're trying to support VS, but it seems like there's got to be a better way.

Also, we exclude all folders that aren't necessary (e.g. /Ext, and /build) from the project. This keeps VS from attempting to parse the JS of 41k files and blowing up.

Sencha, please exclude these folders when building new Sencha app projects.

So again, what we do...

Create a standard web API project via VS.
Add a sencha sub-folder.
Run Cmd to build a app in that sub-folder
Set Sencha index.html to our startup.
F5 to build website and, Run Cmd app watch in a command-line window outside of VS.
Work on code as needed.

Time to publish, we enable the VS Sencha Plugin
Load the project, publish the web project, and then disable the plugin.

We dont use the Sencha templates as they cause VS to lock up and crash, we don't use the plugin long term because it will cause VS to lock up and crash. We exclude sub-folders like ext and build from our project because VS will attempt to parse them automatically for it's own intelliesense. This will usually cause VS to lock up and/or crash.

I needed to upgrade to an SSD harddrive and 16GB of RAM just to see if it helps, and it does in creating projects where the Ext folder is copied over, but it doesn't help the plugin as it still crashes.

Again, I haven't tried the latest version that just came out, v in Extensions list.