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After all this typing, a new idea came up, maybe a simple "HELP", "ABOUT" or "FAQ" button could help the end-user understand why their editing was not saved, or what additional steps are needed for the record to be saved? Maybe this new button could be standard for all plugins. Something for the EXT team to ponder about?

First off it could give credit where credit is due, to the author of the plugin. Next it could detail the version of the plug: "ALPHA", "BETA", whatever. Where to goto for help, details, etc. This last part probably should not be posted directly at your plugin, but I am just throwing up ideas.

Please don't take this wrong, I would not waste may time if I did not think that this plugin was worth the effort.
Your thoughts are appreciated, but as you stated, the KISS is the basic premise. Only put what is the bare minimum for the plugin to function. The other stuff you talk about may be nice depending on what a developer wants.

What you could do is post your modifications to the examples forum and post a link back here. That way you could showcase your version for others to get ideas or cut/paste as they want.