I have three questions I could use help with. Some of these are pretty basic, hope you don't mind.

Question one:

I have an application layout in mind that will have two major vertical sections, a smaller on the left, and a larger one on the right, with a vertical splitter bar between the two, for resizing.

Inside the smaller one on the left I have three major sections, one on top of the other, with the top-most section containing about 8 tabs that will have to be stacked in as many rows as is needed, determined by available space left over after resizing. The three major sections will have horizontal splitter bars to allow resize the sections.

In the larger pane on the right-hand side, I will have edit forms and lists of various sorts, with tabs across the bottom of the section to allow for any number of these forms to be available at once. So the user could have several of the forms opened at once, and quickly shift back and forth using the tabs across the bottom. The tabs in both the left-hand and right-hand panes have to dynamically stack, so if the user resizes the browser down (within reason), the tabs are still all available.

The question: can this be done with YUI? How difficult does this sound for the YUI library? Please suggest the simplest example that would get me started on just the major chunks of page layout, maybe the major sections with the splitter and resize bars?

Question Two:

I nosed in on a simple dialog box example by grabbing the from a "View-Page Source". Then I stripped out every non-essential to reveal the basics. There must be a better way to use the available examples? Is there a simpler way?

Question Three:

Do the YUI libraries contain components for every type of display or input? Or do YUI developers end up mixing a lot of HTML components with YUI components. For example, take a simple <input type="text"> control. Does YUI implement one that has better features than the standard <input type="text">? Or does YUI focus on the tricker stuff like grids, tables, drag drop, and so forth?

Thanks you for the help.