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Thread: Ext - Only allow focus in inputs inside grid panel

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    Default Ext - Only allow focus in inputs inside grid panel

    I have a trouble with such a very specific thing of Ext 3.4
    I have a grid with a store which its result is then loaded in the grid. The render contains some text fields and some input (all of them are type=text).
    I need to implement that when the user press tab in the text A, the focus must be set in B. If I press tab again, if C is enabled then C must be focused, if C is disabled, the focus must be set in the A located in the next row. Then, if C has focus and I press tab, I must jump to D.
    I could jump from A to B by adding tabindex but then, when pressing tab again, the focus is changed to the first column (which has a label) and after pressing tab again, the focus passes to that column content (a, image, whatever).
    The same behaviour I had if I focus elements with jQuery.
    I do not know if it helps but this is the code:

    var selModel =newExt.grid.RowSelectionModel({ singleSelect:true, listeners:{ beforerowselect:function(sm, row_index, keepExisting, record){ sm.suspendEvents();if(sm.isSelected(row_index)){// row already selected, deselect it (note: other selections remain intact on deselect). sm.deselectRow(row_index);}else{ sm.selectRow(row_index,true)} sm.resumeEvents();returnfalse;}}}); selModel.isValidRow =true;// To prevent trash html when the user navigates between sectionsif(this.grid){this.grid.destroy();}this.grid =newExt.grid.EditorGridPanel({ id:'auctions_grid_'+ muniaxis.auctions.Form.activeAuctionsButton, store: store, syncFocus:true, colModel: muniaxis.colHelper.getColumnModel(columns), tbar: tbar, bbar: bbar, frame:true, sm: selModel, autoScroll:true, autoWidth:true, cls:'grid', stripeRows:true, loadMask:{ msg: viewData.resources.waitingMessage }, viewConfig:{ emptyText: viewData.resources.gridEmptyMessage, forceFit:true, autoFill:true, scrollOffset:1, getRowClass: muniaxis.renders.getRowClass }});

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    Perhaps you could listen to the specialkey event to catch the tab presses and apply your logic there.

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