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Thread: Override own component by theme

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    Question Override own component by theme

    Hi there,

    is there a way to override my own component put in /app/view/<my-folder>/<my-folder2>/MyComponent.js through a theme packages?

    Following i already tried and not working for me by putting the MyComponent.js into:

    • /ext5/packages/my-theme/overrides/<my-folder>/<my-folder2>/MyComponent.js
    • /ext5/packages/my-theme/overrides/view/<my-folder>/<my-folder2>/MyComponent.js
    • /ext5/packages/my-theme/overrides/<AppName>/view/<my-folder>/<my-folder2>/MyComponent.js
    • /ext5/packages/my-theme/overrides/<AppName>/<my-folder>/<my-folder2>/MyComponent.js

    The MyComponent.js within the overrides folder starts with:

    PHP Code:
    Ext.define('AppName.view.<my-folder>.<my-folder2>.MyComponentOverride', {
    The MyComponent is set into "requires" within Application.js

    So what iam doing wrong or is this feature limited to extjs base components only?

    Thanks for any hint,

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    So, this is not possible? Here is the link to the docs if anyone needs further information:

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