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Thread: ExtJS 6.2 build errors when compiling SASS

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    Default ExtJS 6.2 build errors when compiling SASS

    I upgraded to Sencha Cmd v6.2.0.103 and ExtJS this morning and now my builds are failing with SASS compilation errors that were not present before.

    [WRN] @theme-background-image: Theme image not found: images/menu/default-menubar-group-checked.png[LOG] Build error for C:/path/to/my/app/build/temp/development/Console/sass/Console-all
    [ERR] Failed to find method for operation - on type list with value 1px 1px 1px 8px.
    [ERR] [email protected]://platform/fashion-phantomjs.js:5:10951
    It does not say where the exact error is originating, but I tracked down the only place in our custom theme where the text "1px 1px 1px 8px" occurs and this is what it was choking on:

    @include extjs-tip-ui(
        $ui: 'alert-warning',
        $ui-border-color: $alert-warning-border-color,
        $ui-border-width: 1px 1px 1px 8px
    I changed it to just "1px" and that error cleared, but I got another error instead:

    [WRN] @theme-background-image: Theme image not found: images/menu/default-menubar-group-checked.png
    [LOG] Build error for C:/path/to/my/app/build/temp/development/Console/sass/Console-all
    [ERR] #b6b7ba #b6b7ba #b6b7ba #fecb00 is not a color for 'darken'
    [ERR] [email protected]://platform/fashion-phantomjs.js:5:10951
    I haven't been able to track down what exactly is causing that.

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    To clarify, I'm assuming that $alert-warning-border-color is also a colour list?

    From the API, those particular values are "non-list" values, even in 6.0.0 it lists the values as number/color respectively. Typically if something allows a list of values it will be explicitly specified, for example:

    In this particular case I can see the mixin is trying to do some calculations where it's assuming a single value.
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