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Thread: ComponentDataView/DataView useComponent config in classic toolkit

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    Default ComponentDataView/DataView useComponent config in classic toolkit

    I'm in the process of migrating our application from Ext JS 3 to 6, and in a few places in our application, we use an extension called Ext.ux.ComponentDataView (from this post) to show Ext JS components for each record in a store.

    This is a really useful tool, but doesn't seem to have an equivalent implementation for Ext JS 6 classic toolkit.

    There is, however, a config on the Ext.dataview.DataView component called `useComponent`, which looks like it would do exactly as I need, but that's only present in the modern toolkit.

    Is there any plan to bring this functionality over to the classic toolkit? Or does anyone know of an extension for doing this with the classic toolkit in Ext JS 6?

    I would try implementing this myself from scratch, but I can't believe that I'm the only person who has wanted to do this (especially since it is now built into the framework in the modern toolkit), so I was hoping that somebody might know of an existing solution so I don't waste time/effort re-inventing the wheel.

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    I know that our plans are to achieve greater parity between the two toolkits, but I haven't heard anything specific about this feature.

    Here's a thread with discussion of an Ext 5 solution.

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    Thanks for the reply

    Yeah, I had read a few things about the plans to bring parity between the modern and classic toolkits, but from what I read I wasn't sure if that just meant that the classic components were going to be recreated in modern, so that modern would eventually have all of the components from classic, or whether the components from both toolkits were going to be recreated in the other.

    Looks like in that thread the OP ended up creating his own version of a component based dataview, though for the reasons mentioned in the thread about keeping the layout functionality (as well as other reasons such as maintaining component hierarchy and ability to use component queries), I think I'll give it a go myself using an approach of creating a container which can be bound to a store.

    I'll probably post it somewhere for others to use if it ends up any good

    Thanks again

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