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Thread: i4ware - Software Development Template

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    Default i4ware - Software Development Template

    Software Development Template are package of varios frameworks including Zend Framework, Zion Framework, Ext JS, TCPDF, PHPExcel, PHPWord and PHPPowerPoint. This can be used make enterprise class software projects with PHP backend and powerful AJAX based frontend. This template supports MySQL database.

    Software Template comes with ready made user database with cascading Access Control List with unlimited user roles which includes deny/allow access to execute all PHP backend functions and also view control scripts. So General User Interface can be programmed to looks like different between user roles. This is made with Zend Framework and Zion Framework and users, user roles and access control list is in a MySQL database. This feature is fully integrated to MVC system of Zend Framework.

    Also this template includes ready made modular module system in MVC system of Zend Framework and work like that way user just need to module files via SSH to Web-server and module automatically integrates with Ext JS GUI Framework.

    With power of PHPExcel, PHPWord and PHPPowerPoint Frameworks we can developing solutions with Microsoft Office support like export to MS Office Excel from MySQL database.

    Documendation and downloads:

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    Looks helpful! Thanks for sharing your work with the community.

    Lifecycle management for your web apps

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