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Thread: Dikalo: Realtime messaging powered by Ext JS. No sign up required

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    Default Dikalo: Realtime messaging powered by Ext JS. No sign up required

    Hello folks,

    Just wanted to introduce Dikalo. Our realtime messaging platform based on Ext JS(among others).
    Yes I know you might need a messaging app ? Yet another one ? In the time of WhatApps, Google, Facebook, WeChat, etc ?

    We think yes. Dikalo puts you in control on what you share or not. No phone number, no email. no Facebook ID is required to use Dikalo. In fact you can use Dikalo without ever opening an account. For free and for ever.

    We released Dikalo 5 dyays ago and already have more that than 20K message sent.

    Dikalo is currently available on the web
    We also provide clients for Mac, Windows and Linux.

    Mobile apps are coming mid January.

    Lets us know what you think and see you soon on Dikalo




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    Sounds great! Thanks for sharing your work with the community.

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    Now this is cool. As a GXT user i m a bit jealous . Bookmarked!

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