We are attempting to upgrade our app and packages to use CMD 6.2 and are running into load order issues in app.json. Everything was loading in the proper order in CMD 6.0. In app.json, one of the comments in the "js" section is as follows:
List of all JavaScript assets in the right execution order

However, we are experiencing something contrary to this. The relevant parts of our js section are below:

"path": "lib/i18next.min.js"
"path": "locale/Localization.js"

LocalizationStartup begins as follows:

i18next.init({ ... })
When we attempt to upgrade our application, we get the following error:

ReferenceError: Can't find variable: i18next
file:....../locale/Localization.js:1 in global code

Can you please provide some direction on how the load order changed and what we can do to fix this issue?