I'm working on multiple apps for a client and using Sencha Packages to contain shared code between them, but I've been struggling with this issue..

These are all Ext classic apps. Due to confusion and errors during build and tight deadlines Ive put off building the custom shared theme till now. I think I've got the issues using a shared theme worked out but applying the styles to the shared toolbar is giving me issues.

I have 3 apps that all have the same toolbar component at the top of the app


Now there's the


I have a custom ui class added to this toolbar called 'global'

Where should mixins go? sass/var?

I've tried putting them in each dir and they never seem to take. It only works for me when I'm adding css to the apps sass files.

Any suggestions on this?


Forgot to add.. In theory I feel like sass should go in the theme but as a component maybe the sass should go in the components package? I'm torn on this. So If I can get it to work I'm open to arguments for either direction.