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Thread: Development Approach; Commercial and GPL; patches and bugs

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    Default Development Approach; Commercial and GPL; patches and bugs

    Last time I used ExtJS I was using ExtJS 3.4 and Sencha Touch 2.

    The developer community was great and they patched bugs, so you updated their code.
    The ExtJS community died off a little post ExtJS 3.4.

    I've looked at Sencha every now and then to decide when to rewrite SaaS ( user interface (ExtJS 3.4).
    As an approach I think I'll just buy the commercial version and sign up to the latest and greatest and re develop the whole lot until it works then just stay on x release until the next major version.

    On another note, I work at a large Enterprise, for internal apps can you use GPL as an approach.
    Or do you just run into bugs which are not fixed until the next major release; which introduces more bugs.

    So then you really just need a commercial licence to always stay up to date, to fix the latest and greatest bugs?

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    Yeah. I agree that Sencha's GLP is pretty much useless. Most of the time only x.y.0 versions are GLP and as a rule of a thumb .0 releases are pretty buggy. Some even contain blockers. Waiting for a next major release won't help as bugs from previous releases may be fixed, new bugs will most definitely be introduced.

    Solution might be releasing old version patch releases as GPL when new major release is out (eg: when 6.2.0 is released 5.x.y should be GLP. Maybe even 6.0.x). By doing that GLP would be bug free but not as "fresh" as commercial.
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