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Thread: Grid Renderer - HTML? In Modern

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    Default Grid Renderer - HTML? In Modern

    Using the latest version of Ext and Architect and building a Modern app.

    I can't seem to configure an Ext.grid.column.Column it to format html no matter what I do.

    + I tried to import data that had <b>test</b> and it displays <b>test</b>
    + I tried to use a renderer function like so:
    renderer: function(value, record, dataIndex, cell, column) {
    return '<b>''</b>';
    and again received simply the unformatted HTML tags/code.
    + I tried setting the config option for StyleHtmlContent set to true on both the grid and the column.

    Is this a modern drawback or am I doing something wrong?

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    Just quick response, you should be able to style the cell with the config cell and style like this:

            xtype: 'gridcolumn',
            width: 120,
            dataIndex: 'name',
            text: 'Name',
            // cell style
            cell: {
                style: 'font-weight: bold'

    Also I think that in this example there is custom cell style

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