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Thread: Nested AccordionLayouts, Best way to differentiate sub-accordions from accordions?

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    Question Nested AccordionLayouts, Best way to differentiate sub-accordions from accordions?

    I have a search panel with an accordion layout. Two panels would be accordions inside this search panel. One would be for building a search query with fields, and one would be for displaying the search result tables. I'd like to have the option of working with multiple search queries and multiple search results, so I've made those two accordions have an accordion layout also, with the queries & results being collapsible. Now I have the attached result.

    Does anyone have a good idea on how to make the sub-accordions look different from the root accordions? I tried border=true & bodyBorder=false, but the 1px border is not enough to make it obvious. If this becomes a feature request, i'd like to be able to specify the bodyBorder width, or some padding property.

    Also, in the API for beta2, shouldn't it instead state:
    This only applies when setBorder(boolean) == true.

    public void setBodyBorder(boolean bodyBorder)True to display an interior border on the body element of the panel, false to hide it (defaults to true). This only applies when setBodyBorder(boolean) == true. If border == true and bodyBorder == false, the border will display as a 1px wide inset border, giving the entire body element an inset appearance.
    Parameters: bodyBorder - the body border state
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