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Thread: is there a plan to create 0.5.2 to 1.0 migration guide?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drz View Post
    There is no official guide for migration?
    No - and I guess that is becuase so much has changed that really a migration guide would almost be equiv to getting started guide (which does exist)

    Quote Originally Posted by drz View Post
    Has anybody written a tool for conversion?
    I started to, but quickly realised as per the previous comment.

    Quote Originally Posted by drz View Post
    What are your experiences switching from mygwt to gxt?
    It is really easy and whilst a lot has changed (API and approach) the migration is not like going from .Net to Swing... (I did mine back in beta3)

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    Default is there a plan to create 0.5.2 to 1.0 migration guide?

    My experience converting a fair-sized project ... ~45,000 lines, using MyGWT RC2 and ExtGWT in Beta 3 ... was tedious, but not difficult. It took me about two days (20ish hours) to do it all myself - learn the new ExtGWT pieces and parts and get the app working 100%. I'd say the biggest time-sink for me personally was getting Trees working correctly....

    Essentially nothing is hard to accomplish in the conversion process ... it's really just time-consuming, requires a lot of find/replacing then fine-tooth-combing. On that note, I compiled a document that contains some of the more basic changes, which is intended to help one of my colleagues convert his MyGWT-based app. This list is not organized well, not particularly comprehensive, and in some cases might be wrong with newer releases of ExtGWT, but I wanted to start some thread of cooperation here to make a good, readable list of changes for people who might still be converting, or thinking about doing so, as it seems silly for everyone to start in the dark every time.

    Having said that, if someone knows about one that's already in the works/is pretty far along ignore me ^.^

    MyGWT -> Ext GWT

    Class Name Changes
    - Shell == Window
    - ShellManager == Window
    - WidgetContainer == LayoutContainer
    - Viewer == (ListStore<ModelData> || TreeStore<ModelData>)
    - TableLayoutData == TableData

    - implements Model == extends ModelData
    - ListViewer == ListStore<ModelData>
    -ViewerFilterTextBox == MyGWTUtils1_5.ViewerFilterTextBox<ModelData>
    - ContentProvider (roughly equivalent to) StoreBinder --- subclasses are DataListBinder, TableBinder, TreeTableBinder, etc.

    Method Name Changes, Other Find/Replace Candidates
    - Shell.getContent() == NOTHING
    - Shell.setText(...) == Shell.setHeading(...)
    - *.close() == *.hide();
    - *.open() == *.show();

    - Dialog.setCloseOnButtonClick() == Dialog.setHideOnButtonClick()

    - Viewer.applyFilters() == .applyFilters(String property)

    - ==

    - new RowData(RowData.FILL_BOTH); == new RowData(1d, 1d);
    - new RowData(RowData.FILL_HORIZONTAL); == new RowData(height, 1d);
    - new RowData(RowData.FILL_VERTICAL); == new RowData(1d, width);

    - *.setResize == .setResizable(boolean);
    - *.setScrollable(boolean) == .setScrollMode(Scroll.*);
    - *.setScrollEnabled == .setScrollMode(Scroll.*)

    Other Changes
    - If a style gets eaten by GXT, e.g. when you have a setIconStyle( <style> ), it must be followed by a !important,
    e.g. .icon-start-here { background: url(../tango/places/start-here.png) no-repeat !important; }

    - ButtonBar bar = new ButtonBar(<Alignment>) ==
    bar = new ButtonBar();

    - *.getContent() == NOTHING
    - *.getContainer() == NOTHING -- Things tend to extend Container, e.g. Window

    - new List( Style.SINGLE|MULTI ); ==
    list = new DataList();
    list..setSelectionMode( SelectionMode.SINGLE|MULTI );

    - new Layout().setType(Style.VERTICAL); ==
    new Layout(Orientation.VERTICAL);

    - layout(boolean force) -> layout()

    - new BorderLayoutData(Style.*) == new BorderLayoutData(LayoutRegion.*)

    - new ToolItem(Style.*) ... new ToolItem/TextToolItem/ToggleToolItem/SeparatorToolItem

    - tree = new Tree( Style.CHECK); ==
    tree = new Tree();

    - TreeItem[] items = tree.getChecked() ==
    TreeItem[] items = tree.getChecked().toArray( new TreeItem[0] );

    -<T>.setToolTip( String title, String message ); ==
    <T>.setToolTip( new ToolTipConfig( String title, String message ) );

    - If center() is called on a Window before show() is called, an exception is thrown

    - new MenuItem(Style.*) == new MenuItem();

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