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Thread: How to use minified code instead of ext-all-debug?

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    Default How to use minified code instead of ext-all-debug?

    I am investigating a possible bug in ext 5.1.3. I am trying to test this out in the fiddle, but the bug only appears in ext-all.

    The issue is that the id field of a viewport is supposed to adhere to certain rules:

    However I was able to use "test.test" as an id, with no errors, when using ext-all. ext-all-debug correctly throws an exception.

    I am trying to test this out in the fiddle. Is there a way to switch to the minified code?

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    I don't know of a way to make Fiddle use ext-all.js, but you can submit your test case in Fiddle and note that it needs to be tested outside of Fiddle, or paste your test case into the thread. We'll test it locally as needed.

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