Hi together,

I have a complex hover problem.

I have a Container with two children. A menu and another container, which also has a menu.
The two containers have the same cls. Also the menus do have the same cls. I can't change that, because the containers are created dynamic and I can't say how many containers will be there.

So now the Problem:
I want to make a hovereffekt only to the containers. But if the child is hovered only the child should have the hovereffekt. I can't do that.
I tried to make it via listeners (mouseenter/mouseleave) but it's not working because its nothing notified if i leave the child to the parent.

What I want to have:
If I hover the parent, the parent's menu is shown and the background of the parent is changed.
If i hover the child, the child's menu is shown and the background of the child is changed.

Is there a solution? I can't figure out anything.

I made a fiddle with the two containers and menus: https://fiddle.sencha.com/#view/editor&fiddle/23jm