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Thread: Using Panels as frames

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    Default Using Panels as frames

    Is this possible:

    I would like to use two panels in the same way you might use a frameset, one will load a menu bar which will have three buttons. Clicking on a button would load pages into the main frame.

    So I would have:


    I am sure eventually work out how to actually add more than one panel to a single page but that isn't my main query.

    What I would like to know is whether or not anyone has attempted to load a url into a panel.

    So for example menuPanel has set in it a toobar with links to 3 pages, all three pages are on a seperate web server and domain, so clicking home for example I would like to load in the bottom panel, and if I click on next it would open

    So can you set target= to be a specific panel?

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    You're gonna need iframes for that 'foreign domain' requirement. See ManagedIframe (in my sig below).
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