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Thread: Getting 'keypress' to work in htmlEditor

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    Talking Getting 'keypress' to work in htmlEditor

    After reading the following thread:

    as well as,

    to which there was no response.

    and searching for an answer throughout the forum I am posting this question in hopes that someone will be able to help me answer it?

    I am trying to access the key events associated with a htmlEditor. Ultimately I will set-up a auto-save event similar to the "simulated auto-save" in the status bar example.

    Any recommendations/examples?

    BTW, I have also reviewed the Ext JS API.

    Thanks in advance.

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    bump x2

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    o why o why does any one have a solution,
    o why does any have a solution?

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    just an alternative....

    html = new Ext.form.HtmlEditor({
    enableKeyEvents : true,
    name : "Currtext",
    value : "N/A",
    id : "Currtext",
    listeners : {
    sync : function(e) {

    tes = new Ext.FormPanel({

    bodyStyle : "padding: 10px; ",
    id : "pnCurrtext",
    layout : "fit",
    title : "Current Text",

    items : [
    dummy : true


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