I'm currently using TreeStore to populate a Tree via TreeBinder.

I tried the TreeStore.add(List<TreeModel>) method to populate the Tree to no luck. Actually I managed to add items but only the first-level children but not the children of those first-level children.

I noticed that there was a related posting of constructing TreeStore in the Premium section (unfortunately I cannot post there). The person who stumbled upon this issue didn't ask the TreeStore to support Tree construction even after Darrell offered the solution.

One of the solution is to write your own utility method (Darrell's suggestion).

Could Ext please add this utility method to the TreeStore? I mean... everybody will need this utility method and eventually we will write one if TreeStore doesn't support it. But at the same time, the utility method does one thing: reconstruct the Tree. It is a much needed feature of this API. After all, this is a TreeStore that deals with Tree right?