i want to page the contents of a Java Script array with 50 rows (no server side paging here) directly on the client, showing the array in pages of 15 entries.

My problem now is, that the grid always shows all of the 50 objects within the Data.Store, although i defined:
ds.load({params:{start:0, limit:15}});

I use a regular ArrayReader and a MemoryProxy.

Funny thing is, the footer displays the correct number of entries in the array and the page numbers are also correct. But unfortunately i cant skip through the in memory data.

Can anybody help me here?
What do I have to do, to enable Client Side paging?

The relevant code i currently use for this:
    var ds = new Ext.data.Store({               
                            proxy: new Ext.data.MemoryProxy(myJavaScriptArray),
                          reader: new Ext.data.ArrayReader(
                          {totalProperty: 50',
                           id: 0},
//some more code here
                              ...     ]

        var gridFoot = grid.getView().getFooterPanel(true);

        // add a paging toolbar to the grid's footer
        var paging = new Ext.PagingToolbar(gridFoot, ds, {
            pageSize: 15,
            displayInfo: true,
            displayMsg: 'Displaying topics {0} - {1} of {2}',
            emptyMsg: "No topics to display"
        // trigger the data store load
        ds.load({params:{start:0, limit:15}});