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Thread: [CLOSED] Beta 4: Table: issue with resizing TableColumns

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    Default [CLOSED] Beta 4: Table: issue with resizing TableColumns

    There seems to be a problem with resizing columns in the table header: the items do not get resized at all. I have not been able to reproduce this issue with the demos though.
    Please see the attached screenshot: 1st image shows initial state. 2nd image shows resized state. I have resized 2nd header column (moved to the right). All the item columns do not get resized.

    Please see the example code below which produces the this wrong behavior.

            ArrayList<TableColumn> columns = new ArrayList<TableColumn>();
            ContentPanel content = new ContentPanel(new FitLayout());
            content.setHeading("Available Models");
            columns.add(new TableColumn("name", "Model", NiceGWT.GOLDEN_PERCENT_RIGHT));
            columns.add(new TableColumn("backend", "Backend", NiceGWT.GOLDEN_PERCENT_LEFT));
            final Table<RowSelectionModel> table = new Table<RowSelectionModel>(new TableColumnModel(columns));
            final RowSelectionModel selectionModel = new RowSelectionModel(Style.SelectionMode.SINGLE);
            table.addListener(Events.SelectionChange, new Listener<TableEvent>() {
                public void handleEvent(TableEvent evt) {
            PersistBrowserModule.getService().getModels(new AsyncCallback<EntityTypeMetaData[]>() {
                public void onFailure(Throwable caught) {
                    Shell.get().error("Error getting entity models", caught);
                public void onSuccess(EntityTypeMetaData[] result) {
                    metaData = new HashMap<String, EntityTypeMetaData>();
                    for ( EntityTypeMetaData m : result ) {
                        Object[] values = new Object[] {
                                m.getName(), m.getBackend()
                        TableItem ti = new TableItem(values);
                        metaData.put(m.getName(), m);
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