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Thread: Set custom icon for panel toggle collapse button

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    Default Set custom icon for panel toggle collapse button

    I would like to set the toggle button of a Panel to a '?', as it is a Help panel. Is it possible to set a custom icon for a particular panel's toggle collapse button?

    Ext.Panel.iconCls will add a button to the panel's head, but not change the toggle button.

    I can change all the toggle buttons for panels with region:east, for example, but adding my own style rule to override this one:

    .x-tool-expand-east {ext-all.css (line 811)
       background-position:0pt -180px;
    But I haven't found a way to modify the toggle button (via css or a config option) for just 1 particular panel.

    Ufortunately, the collapsed region isn't a child of the original region, so adding collapsedCls doesn't give me a parent from which to style the collapsed region's button.

    Has anyone solved this already? Or can anyone point me to the right combination of Panel config options and css....?

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    There was a post a little while ago about changing a collapsed panel's title.
    If you give the panel an id, you can set use that to specify css.

    I think it'd be something like:
    #yourPanelId .x-tool-expand-east {
       background-position:0pt -180px;

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