We are new to the extjs library and have been working on a portal using the awesome extjs portal. I think we are running into some issues with the approach we have taken so i am seeking some help on this. I can show you how far we have gotten and you will see some of the issue we have run into very quickly. Before we get too far along I want to see how someone familiar with extjs would go about it.

The basics of what i am looking for is here:
header - logo- menu
_accordian to hide and show portal parts
_DIV - hide and show alerts

| zone1 | zone2 | zone3 |

If you are up for helping make a demo of this for us I would be very greatful. I can show you the ui of the portal so you can get a feel for what we want and some more specifics.

Please pm me your rates and avilability for something like this. Im ready to get started when you are.