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Thread: YAHOO.ext.UpdateManager

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    Default YAHOO.ext.UpdateManager

    Needs this code:

    	YAHOO.util.Connect.asyncRequest(method, url, callback, params);
    Changing to:

    	YAHOO.util.Connect.asyncRequest(method, url, callback, params);
    Otherwise, because it's "static", any form data from a previous setForm() call will be in there, and appended to the URL.

    I use YAHOO.util.Connect.setForm() to create a parameter string in uurlencoded format to pass as a DWR argument.

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    asyncRequest automatically clears the form. UpdateManager doesn't need to clear it.

    I understand what you are doing though. You are calling setForm from your code and using it's logic to create your form urlencoded and then not using asyncRequest so it is never cleared. Wouldn't the best solution then be for your code which is calling setForm() to clear the form after it is done?

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