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    I have a Tab panel and in one of the tabs I added a content panel . The content panel contains a table created using Table, TableColumnModel and TableItem classes. I'm making GWT RPC call to fetch the table data from the backend and preparing the table.

    I have another page to insert the data in the back end.

    Whenever I insert a new Record in the database I need to show the latest data in the table. My problem is I need to do a browser refresh to see the data getting reflected on the table.

    I have put in some debugging statements. The RPC call is returning the data properly but the table renderer is not refreshing the data.

    Please let me know how to refresh a panel programatically.

    Let me know if there are any other ways of building the same functionality in better a way.

    Thanks in advance.


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    panel.layout() normally does it, but are you using a model and updating it via that method? if so, you shouldn't need to refresh the panel using layout. post some code that works as an example to test any problems...

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