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Thread: Ext-GWT: stop the insanity

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    I really like surprises! Looking forward to test this when I'm back from holiday in a few weeks... Great job!

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    Default Models as Maps

    To defend the GXT implementation - there needs to be a reliable way to serialize your models rapidly to JSON in order to do the Java to JS conversion for you on the fly. I agree with Daryll that the internals shouldn't matter - so perhaps those methods should be protected methods on the classes to actually discourage people from using them - my guess is there are problems there due to the need to consume these methods appropriately using the utilities in other packages.

    I am just beginning to crack the nut that is the GXT source code - but I can tell you there is a lot of really interesting complexity in handling all this JNI -> JS -> JSON -> AJAX -> Servlet -> Java transition stuff and I can see that the performance and smoothness is superior to the google code attempt to do the same. I have worked with both.

    On the generics point - I agree, less is more. Generics solves some specific problems like typesafe collections reallly well (it was needed). A lot of other uses - I am still struggling with the point - seems like there were already good solutions for those problems with better design of your code (albeit sometimes adding interfaces and classes that could be avoided I suppose - but it made the code clean and logical). Generics is starting to make Java feel like a scripting language - too much freedom to obfuscate whats going on or what should be allowed to happen. That is a criticism for Sun though, and they are sick of hearing from me from the 90s.

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    Hi. I guess I may be coming into this thread a bit late....

    As a former GWT-Ext user, I'm wondering if there is a fundamental (design) reason why GXT can't support a similar API as GWT-Ext? I found GWT-Ext to be quite usable from a programming perspective. (Granted, there are some minor issues I had with GWT-Ext).

    In particular, I'm trying to understand the need for these generics. GWT-Ext didn't need them. Are they there for speed? From a newbie's perspective (who also hasn't found any tutorials on their usage and doesn't see much in the javadocs), it looks very similar to hacks people may do for advanced C++ templates (policies, etc.).

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    Quote Originally Posted by erdahl View Post
    From a newbie's perspective (who also hasn't found any tutorials on their usage and doesn't see much in the javadocs)
    +1 on that point. It is true that there is a lack of javadoc about generics and they are not all used in the samples.

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