hello all.

i have encountered a weird scenario regarding store.filter. on my linked combo boxes.
at first the filtering to my second comboxes does not work but after trying again it will work every on the 2nd time of try.

here is my code for my parent combo box


new Ext.form.ComboBox({ hiddenName:'cboaction', fieldLabel:jAuditTrailMessages.info.cboLblAction, store: storeActionType,
			valueField:'value', displayField:'desc', value:'', typeAhead: false,
			  triggerAction: 'all',
			  editable:false,  name:'event', anchor: '95%', 
			  triggerAction: 'all', mode:'local'
			  , listeners:{select:{fn:function(combo, record, index) {
			  		var comboCls = Ext.getCmp('classificationCmb');
					comboCls.store.filter('classification', combo.getValue(), true );
please do help been searching for the solution

big thanks