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Thread: GridEditor does not show

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    Default GridEditor does not show

    You can see the problem for yourself at url:
    In the first grid, the last column will not display it's editor if you click on it.
    If you give focus to the column before the last one and press tab then the editor is displayed.

    An other interesting information is that if you use firefox and the WebDeveloper plug-in then if you click menu Web developer->Information->Display Topographic Information, the last column (named Fenols)
    will have a gray background when the rest have an other color.

    If I swap the two last columns, the problem persists but if I remove one column, there is no problem.

    I have an other question on which I'd like your advice.
    The toolbar has a button which adds new records to the grid. I want the user to have the same
    ability for delete. I couldn't add a delete button because I'd need a way to get the current column of
    the grid in order to delete that one. If you click on a row, it's not obvious to the user that the row has
    become the current one.

    An idea would be to add a pop-up menu binded to the right click event which would give that option.
    I don't know a way to do this.
    Has anyone faced a similar problem and what solution did you found?

    Thank you for any help

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    Default wrong url...

    don't open your url.....

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    The url doesn't work. Can you update it?

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    I've done an update to apache from v2 to v2.2 and mod_rewrite seems not to work.
    Check this url:

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