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Thread: Capture Double Click on TreeTable Cell

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    Default Capture Double Click on TreeTable Cell

    Although I am able to capture a double click even on a tree table yet am unable to retrieve the cell index i.e row/column index on which the click occurs.

    While browsing through the forums I read that this was a problem with Gxt 1.0RC1 . Has this been resolved yet?

    I am currently using Gxt 1.0.

    myTable.addListener(Events.CellDoubleClick, new Listener<TreeTableEvent>() {
                public void handleEvent(TreeTableEvent be) {
                    int columnIndex = be.columnIndex;
                    TreeTableItem item = (TreeTableItem)be.treeTable.getSelectedItem();
                    String cellValue = (String)item.getValue(columnIndex);
                    // doSomething
    The columnIndex returned is always 0.
    Is it possible in some way to retrieve the value in the cell that is clicked on in the grid?

    Barada Sahu
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