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Thread: slider - increasing thumb height

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    Default slider - increasing thumb height


    I'm using css to increase the thumb height of a vertical slider.
    Looking at the code, the slider class should be aware of dynamic height because it calculates this.halfThumb in the onRender stage.
    .x-slider-vert .x-slider-thumb {
    	height: 100px;
    	border: black solid 1px;
    	background: transparent url(../../resources/images/default/slider/slider-thumb.png) repeat scroll 0pt 0pt !important;
    The result is that that I can drag the thumb passing the edge and only the center of the slider stops at the end.

    Is there some other way I can style/extend the slider to support different thumb size?
    Can I dynamically change the thumb size and make the slider be aware of it?

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