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Thread: checkbox selection model row select and checked

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    Default checkbox selection model row select and checked

    This was posted by another member, and I am trying to do the same, any responses or examples on this on how to do it?


    I have used this smartcheckboxselectionmodel and i need something like below..plz tell how to do that..

    I need to catch event listeners when i select a row and another event listeners when i check the checkbox(as well as when i uncheck)...if i use something like that
    listeners:{rowselect:myFunctionOnSelect} , then both rowselect and checkbox check call the same function. how can i detect if it is row select or checkbox check?

    I have configuration email:true.

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    I'm unfamiliar with the SmartCheckboxSelectionModel class user extension but I would suggest following up in the thread there to get further help.
    Aaron Conran

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