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    Default Popup with error

    I hope this isn't another embarrassing error on my part

    I have a script that opens a popup window. But in Firefox, for some reason on the first load I get this error:
    this.fireVisibilityChanged.createDelegate is not a function
    Using Firebug to do the stack trace, it's always coming from a line where I use getEl(). The weird thing is that it works if I refresh the page (F5 since I hide the toolbars), and it works just fine in Opera that I just tested. It's always that initial load on the popup and only in Firefox.

    Any ideas?

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    It means you have an invalid element object. Generally this is caused when the id passed to getEl() is invalid (like if there is more than 1 element with that id) or the element passed has no id and you didn't tell getEl to generate one (second param true). In my latest dev copy I have turned on generateId by default so the second param is no longer required.

    In the latest beta (downloadable on the latest blog post) it returns null now instead of a busted Element object. That should help debugging for sure.

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