I want to achieve the following simple functionality:

- I want to be able to update the model (on the client), by making individual small changes to the values of the proprieties; of course I could do this by hand, simply setting the values on the model, but I see that is NOT the right way to do it
- the right way appears to be working with a Store and a Record, as it provides functionality specific for this (editing, saving the changes into the model...)

- first, I was wondering if there are any tutorials on how to architecture this (I guess not though), any examples anywhere, or at least some advice from someone who has done this before (or from the source
- second, what would be the actual advantages of using these classes (besides the obvious...much cleaner code)

- that's it, any thoughts on this would be appreciated before (and while) I start the actual design (which would be today and during the following days )