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Thread: Bug 6.5.1 chart caption

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default Bug 6.5.1 chart caption


    While investigating another user's issues on another thread, it appears that you cannot update a chart's captions properly via viewmodels (also may not work manually via setCaptions, but not tested).

    Test fiddle:

    Expected result - removing the credits comment in the viewmodel should look similar to the result obtained when the bind config on the chart is commented (i.e. no captions binding)
    Actual result - The 'credits' config in the viewmodel displays as a 2nd line underneath the title

    Added issue:
    If the captions object is not present in the initial chart config, there is a JS exception raised, as it expects an initialConfig object.

    Fiddle appears to require 6.5.1 neptune classic (I used someone else's fiddle as a starter)

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    I thought I was going nuts. Spent all the evening figuring why on earth captions is not binding to viewmodel.

    I get this error

    PHP Code:
    Uncaught TypeErrorCannot set property 'title' of null    at ctor.applyCaptions (app.js?_dc=20170503153202:1)    
    at ctor.[as setCaptions] (app.js?_dc=20170503153202:1)    at ctor.setConfig (app.js?_dc=20170503153202:1)    
    at <anonymous>:1:
    The workaround is to return

    PHP Code:
    title: { text'A graph title' } } 
    instead of
    PHP Code:
    title'A graph title' 

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