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Thread: Collapsible panel throws exception on expand

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for EXTJS-26457 in 6.5.3.
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    Default Collapsible panel throws exception on expand

    Create a collapsible panel and add it to the east region of a panel.

    Expand it and get the following error

    ext-all-debug.js:69120 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'hidden' of null
    at constructor.placeholderExpand (ext-all-debug.js:69120)
    at constructor.expand (ext-all-debug.js:68467)
    at constructor.toggleCollapse (ext-all-debug.js:69312)
    at Object.callback (ext-all-debug.js:5441)
    at constructor.onClick (ext-all-debug.js:64416)
    at (ext-all-debug.js:10124)
    at (ext-all-debug.js:15993)
    at constructor.publish (ext-all-debug.js:15958)
    at constructor.publishDelegatedDomEvent (ext-all-debug.js:15974)
    at constructor.doDelegatedEvent (ext-all-debug.js:16012)


    Occurs in 6.5.1 and 6.5.2 - can't create a 6.5.2 fiddle as it hasn't been updated yet

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    There's no reason why the original fiddle should fail, you can't just change the code and say it's fixed!

    The problem is that the panel class has a null check for center in one place, but not another. This should fix the issue:

    Ext.define(null, {
        override: 'Ext.panel.Panel',
        placeholderExpand: function(animate) {
            var me = this,
                collapseDir = me.collapsed,
                expandTool = me.placeholder.expandTool,
                floatCls = Ext.panel.Panel.floatCls,
                center = me.ownerLayout ? me.ownerLayout.centerRegion : null,
                finalPos, floatedPos, readThis;
            // Layouts suspended - don't bother with animation shenanigans
            if (Ext.Component.layoutSuspendCount) {
                animate = false;
            if (me.floatedFromCollapse) {
                floatedPos = me.getPosition(true);
                // these are the same cleanups performed by the normal slideOut mechanism:
                me.floated = false;
            // We assume that if expand was caused by keyboard action on focused
            // placeholder expand tool, the logical focus transition is to the
            // panel header's collapse tool.
            // Note that it may not be the case when the user *clicked* expand tool
            // while focus was elsewhere; in that case we dare not touch focus to avoid
            // sudden jumps.
            if (expandTool && Ext.ComponentManager.getActiveComponent() === expandTool) {
                me.focusHeaderCollapseTool = true;
                // There is an odd issue with JAWS screen reader: when expanding a panel,
                // it will announce Expand tool again before focus is forced to Collapse
                // tool. I'm not sure why that happens since focus does not move from
                // Expand tool during animation; this hack should work around
                // the problem until we come up with more understanding and a proper
                // solution. The attributes are restored below in doPlaceholderExpand.
                expandTool._ariaRole = expandTool.ariaEl.dom.getAttribute('role');
                expandTool._ariaLabel = expandTool.ariaEl.dom.getAttribute('aria-label');
                expandTool.ariaEl.dom.setAttribute('role', 'presentation');
            if (animate) {
                // Expand me and hide the placeholder
                me.collapsed = false;
                // Stop the center region from moving when laid out without the placeholder there.
                // Unless we are expanding from a floated out situation. In that case, it's laid out immediately.
                if (center && !floatedPos) {
                    center.hidden = true;
                if (center && !readThis) {
                    center.hidden = false;
                if (!me.floatedFromCollapse) {
                    me.fireEvent('beginfloat', me);
                // At this point, this Panel is arranged in its correct, expanded layout.
                // The center region has not been affected because it has been flagged as hidden.
                // If we are proceeding from floated, the center region has also been arranged
                // in its new layout to accommodate this expansion, so no further layout is needed, just
                // element animation.
                // If we are proceeding from fully collapsed, the center region has *not* been relayed out because
                // the UI look and feel dictates that it stays stable until the expanding panel has slid in all the
                // way, and *then* it snaps into place.
                me.isCollapsingOrExpanding = 2;
                // Floated, move it back to the floated pos, and thence into the correct place
                if (floatedPos) {
                    finalPos = me.getXY();
                    me.setLocalXY(floatedPos[0], floatedPos[1]);
                    ], {
                        duration: Ext.Number.from(animate, Ext.fx.Anim.prototype.duration),
                        listeners: {
                            scope: me,
                            afteranimate: function() {
                                var me = this;
                                me.isCollapsingOrExpanding = 0;
                                me.fireEvent('expand', me);
                                me.fireEvent('endfloat', me);
                } else // Not floated, slide it in to the correct place
                    me.placeholder.hidden = false;
                    // Slide this Component's el back into place, after which we lay out AGAIN
                    me.el.slideIn(me.convertCollapseDir(collapseDir), {
                        preserveScroll: true,
                        duration: Ext.Number.from(animate, Ext.fx.Anim.prototype.duration),
                        listeners: {
                            afteranimate: me.doPlaceholderExpand,
                            scope: me
            } else {
                me.floated = me.collapsed = false;
            return me;
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    Evant - thanks very much that seems to work and I shall use until a proper fix is created (assuming there is anyone left fixing bugs)

    Jaraj - thanks for the effort but like Evant says, you can't just make it do something else! There is a reason the panel was added to the desktop panel and not the viewport!!

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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.

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