Hi All,

I have an html form. I want to apply all ext js form features to that html form including field level validation and also global validation.

I am able to do field level validaton like name required,email valid ....

My html form has 3 buttons previous,cancel,next(normal html button). Next button takes me to the next page of form flow. I am looking to do a global form level validation just before next operation is performed on a page..

In some other thread I saw something like following for ext js form global validation

client validation runs on per-field basis as a part of blur or keyup event by default. What I successfully use is to bind submit button to form (formBind:true on the submit button) and monitorValid:true on the form. Now, the form validation runs periodically and until the whole form is valid the submit button is disabled.

I want to apply same feature to the existing html form.

Please help me