If you add some standard HTML textboxes to an HTML page, as you tab through them, each one has its content initially selected so that any text the user enters will by default replace the existing content of the field. Clicking on one of the fields with the mouse cursor will focus on the field but will not select the content.

The same is true of Ext TextField and ComboBox controls, which is fine.

However if you create an EditorGrid and use TextField or ComboBox controls to allow the values to be edited, navigating through the cells using the Tab and Enter keys doesn't automatically select the content of the fields when the focus is received. This is inconsistent with the behaviour of fields outside of grids.

Is this something that could be changed within Ext to make this behaviour consistent?

I've considered trying to work around this by selecting the field content from within each control's focus event, but I can't distinguish between the user clicking on the field (which shouldn't cause the content to be selected) and tabbing into the field (which should). Any suggestions?

Many thanks,