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Thread: a Search Combobox is bad positioned in Explorer

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    Default a Search Combobox is bad positioned in Explorer

    Hi guys
    i have a question for you

    i have a problem in explorer with a input text search combobox.

    when i had the extjs library at version 2.0 everything worked in every browser.
    then i had to update to new version, the 2.2.
    and with this version i began to have some problems with IE 6.0 and IE 7.0, on FF is all perfect.

    my combobox now has a strange behaviour.
    it is positioned on the border-top, even if my css style give it the real vertical position, in reality that doesn't work.
    i used a IE debugger, and i notice that extjs library apply a proper style to that input box, and style of the property TOP i set to -113px.

    did anybody have the same problems?
    or ideas?
    or solutions?

    i thank you all since now


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    It's a bug (fix included).

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