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Thread: BasicDialog + YAHOO.widget.OverlayManager

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    Default BasicDialog + YAHOO.widget.OverlayManager

    I'm having focus issues with dialogs.

    we won't be able to register BasicDialog with something like YAHOO.widget.OverlayManager, will we?

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    I'm thinking there could be some kind of yui-ext DialogManager.

    Keep a static list of existing BasicDialogs so that they can be managed in some way.

    Finding them, hding them all.

    Or displaying some kind of "taskbar", or context menu. Basically, some UI element which contains some representation of them - a set of icons, or just a stack of shortened title bars. This could be used to redisplay hidden Dialogs.

    On this theme, there should probably be 2 buttons. A distinction must be made between hide and destroy. Currently clicking the close, hides the dialog, and you can subscribe to that to optionally destroy it. I think there should be configurably two buttons offering two different events.

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    That would useful. I will look at implementing it.

    As for destroying the dialog, I won't ever wire anything directly to a button, but I could add a function to destroy it.

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