I have a comboBox inside a resize-able layout and i would like the combo box to be 100% width. I'm using the transform on a pre-existing select tag so setting that tags width to 100% fails as the select tag doesn't exists and gets turned into other fields. I've been searching around in the css for the combo box and I've run into all sorts of different classes. I was wondering if any one knew the correct class i need to edit to have a combo box width be 100% of the inner layout (that way when you adjust the layout size the comboBox also adjusts with it).

Thanks for any help.

I found my answer, x-form-text is the class... however when i was setting this width: 100% it would not auto adjust w/ layout resize and it's because the div with the class x-form-field-wrap is getting it's width set to a specific pixel size. (this is on the element itself and not in the css)... any idea of a way to stop this? otherwise i might have to go through the lib and look for where it sets the input box size to fix it.