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    What is the best practice when selecting a locator for a component on your page object? I have read to use XPath and DOM Queries on the sencha test resources, and I have seen webinars saying to simply use the text or field label identifiers.. Are these not susceptible to tedious errors when a label or name is changed and breaks test all over? Obviously id is not a safe identifier, but the documentation provided by the Sencha Test pages is not clear on what the best practice for reliable long term test are.

    Could you enlighten me?

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    I personally like to use "Composite Queries". Since Sencha Test is smart enough to understand EXT components, it allows you to combine Component queries with CSS selectors to create a Composite Query.

    See the locators section here.

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    In some of the demos I've done, I've leveraged various properties on the components to generate locators. If things like field labels are likely to change, then you should instead use something more stable like "itemId", "reference" etc, if they're defined.

    You can use the Inspector tool within Sencha Studio to help generate various different locators, along with this Chrome extension which suggests possible locators that could be used in your test suites.
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